Our three themes and logo symbolism


Our collection has 3 themes: 

  • Spirit: Stands for humanism, social justice, and spirituality
  • Gaïa: Stands for our beautiful nature and the environment
  •  Wild: Stands for all living beings, including animals

Logo symbolism:

Our brand logo has a deep meaning. The inverted triangle stands for lateral power, power to the people, the opposite of the hierarchical pyramidal power structure.

The inverted triangle is also a symbol of femininity, which is a very important value for Paradigm Shirt, as we believe that putting an end to the masculine values supremacy by restoring balance with feminine values, and empowering women, are key to restore harmony into our world.

The inverted triangle is also the symbol of Shakti in Hinduism, the primordial cosmic energy, personification of the divine feminine creative power, and the agent of all change.
The triangle is also a symbol for trinity (no reference to Christianity), and for the number 3. You can find it repeatedly in our brand: 3 themes, 3 designs per theme, 3 design variations for the votes, etc…

Here are some examples of trinities that resonate with us: Mind, Body, Soul; Mother, Father, Child; Past, Present, Future.

Numerologically speaking, if One represents force, and Two represents an opening, then Three is the birthing of true wisdom.

To the Greeks, the triangle is seen as the delta glyph and is symbolic of a doorway. It revisits the combination of polarities to push out a new opening. For example, balancing thought and emotion would provide a doorway to higher wisdom.

The symbol at the center of the triangle is a Seed Of Life, which is part of the sacred geometry, based on the phi ratio (the golden ratio). It represents the source of all life, fertility, the blueprint of the universe.


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