Our values

Our values

  • Compassion and humanism, social justice, gender equality
  • Protecting and loving the environment
  • Protecting and loving animals
  • Changing the 2nd most polluting industry in the world (Textile)
  • Spreading positive messages and values
  • Put money back into the right hands (10% to non-profits)
  • 100% Vegan
  • Ethically produced by happy workers; we met them
  • Pay the artists for their work, let them keep the intellectual property of their art, and give them royalties (5%)
  • Social and solidarity-based economy company status. No one in the company will ever be allowed to be paid more than 10 times the minimal wage, restrains concerning dividends distribution, and larger mandatory reserves, independent committees for continuous improvements…

The CEO's personal projects

  • Creating an Eco-village
  • Foundation to create a network of subsidized open-source alternative schools

Personal message from the CEO:

Why I’m creating this company? I want to be part of the change by spreading positive paradigm shifting messages and values, while offering an ethical solution to the 2nd most polluting industry in the world; Money is not an end, but merely a mean to accelerate this change.
Our production cost is about $16USD per t-shirt, our selling price target is around 35€ before tax, just to make sure that it is stays accessible to most people and not restricted to an elite.
Meanwhile, we will be giving back 10% to great non-profits, and 5% to the designs’ artists, and then we have to account for the 8% fee from Indiegogo, logistics and fulfillment costs…
As you can understand, our profit margin is far from H&M’s or Zara.
I’ve also created this company under the status of « Economie Sociale et Solidaire », which means none of the employee (including the CEO) will ever be allowed to be paid more than 10 times minimal wages. There are also lots of restrains concerning dividends distribution, large mandatory reserves… I won’t bore you with the details.
Another « why I created this company », what are my personal goals when this company is successful? It’s not to get the outrageous lifestyle with the fancy car (Tesla Model 3 will be just fine) and the big house (my dream is an earthship), but to create a great self-sufficient eco-village with guest houses, hosting lots of personal development, spiritual, and permaculture seminars.
Then, next step is to create a foundation to open a network of subsidized (to ensure even low income families can access it) open-sourced alternative schools worldwide, teaching kids meditation, non-violent communication, emotional intelligence, permaculture… but most and foremost to be they true self, reveal their own genius, and reach their true unique potential, as the beautiful gift they are to the world.

Alexandre COISSARD.


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